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Need to brand your own flyer?

As a wholesale supplier, we understand that our customers prefer to market our products with their own brand. To do so is simple:


Reusable Products

Our various reusable products can save your customers time and money by virtually eliminating inserting and fulfillment costs. Not only that, but reusable envelopes use less paper and save your customers the hassle of designing extra reply card and envelopes. Take a look at some of our reusable options:

Featured Reusable Products:

EcoEnvelopes(FSC® Certified) reduce mailing inventories by 50% and eliminate the need for separate business reply envelopes (BREs). These resourceful envelopes can be manufactured with up to 100% post-consumer waste content, and are made with eco-friendly inks and compostable window film.


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Dual Purpose Mailers (SFI® Certified) include a large perforated wallet flap that is ready for order-blank imprints, directions for return mailing or other pertinent information. A traditional remoistening seal located under the perforation makes this the original two-way mailer.


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Convertible Mailers use up to 35% less paper while eliminating insert and fulfillment costs because they’re an envelope, postcard and business card all in one. This custom envelope product can be made with many of our FSC, SFI and recycled papers.


Brand Your Own Flyer ?

Watch a video from ecoEnvelopes inventor Ann DeLaVergne