Finishing / Packaging

Finishing & Packaging

We offer many unique label finishing applications, such as:

  • embossing
  • foil stamping
  • pattern adhesives
  • scented inks
  • raised UV coating
  • thermochromatic inks

Labels can be applied to bags, envelopes or brochures.


Finished labels can come in rolls, sheets or can be fan-folded and packaged in cases, inner packs, clamshells, dispenser boxes, zip-lock bags, shrink wrapped, polybagged or banded.

Label Rewind

After completion of printing and die-cutting, the converted label roll is taken from the press to the rewind department for finishing. In this department, the labels receive a final quality inspection where any labels that do not meet quality standards are removed. Electronic counters aid in rewinding the rolls to 1M, 500, 250, etc...whichever count is ordered. See a diagram of rewind options.


For more information, see our in-depth Label Resource Guide.

Take a look at one of our packaging solutions, the Autobagger:

The Western States Autobagger - Your Retail Packaging Solution

Looking for an innovative packaging solution that's simple, fast, flexible, and cost-conscious? Look no further than Western States Envelope & Label. Our Autobagging system offers you and your customers a wide range of retail packaging capabilities.