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The unending pursuit to be an industry leader started for Western States Envelope Company in 1908. That was the year George French Moss left the paper selling business and opened the Company's first location on 1st Street, in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. An ambitious entrepreneur and visionary, Moss wanted to create an enterprise for producing unique, reliable envelopes. In fact, Western States was a pioneer in developing a system for printing envelopes flat before folding.


Growth ever since those early days has been continuous, substantial and rapid. By 1922, Western States Envelope Company grew exponentially within the U.S. and housed one of the world's largest inventories that year.


Western States kept growing into the 1960s and 1970s, the Company continued to make production technology a priority. They became a sort of "Industry Mecca" for the latest envelope printing and production equipment.


That commitment to innovation still holds strong today. It's this progressive spirit combined with exceptional service that sets Western States Envelope & Label apart in the industry.


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You can also learn more about the history of envelopes in this publication by Maynard H. Benjamin.


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