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Need to brand your own flyer?

As a wholesale supplier, we understand that our customers prefer to market our products with their own brand. To do so is simple:


Label Materials

Our custom orders strategy for labels at Western States is simple: you imagine it; we create it.


Sizes, shapes, substrates, adhesives, styles—we can mix and match any of these features to design the best label for your needs. We’ll create as few as one or two samples to ensure that your label precisely fits your unique application.

How Will Your Label Be Used?

Knowing specifics about how your label will be used is critical. The conditions under which the label is expected to perform will determine what face material, adhesive, and liner will be selected to manufacture the label.


Application Checklist

When choosing materials, the label's "required performance" must be defined. These checklists will guide you through the process:


For Machine Applied/Imprinted Labels

  • Determine the width and length of the label on the roll
  • Determine if labels are outwound or inwound and the corresponding rewind number
  • What is the size of the core?
  • What is the maximum outside diameter of a roll?
  • What is the web width and gap between labels?
  • What are the slitting and splicing tolerances?
  • Is a leader required?
  • Are missing labels permitted?

Intended Use/Performance

  • Are the labels imprinted? If so, how will they be imprinted?
  • Do the labels need to be permanent, removable or repositionable?
  • What is the expected life span of the labels after application?
  • What surface will the label be applied to?
  • What is the shape, texture and condition of the application surface?
  • At what temperature will the labels be applied? Moderate temperature (40° to 80°), a freezer (less than 32°)? During the lifetime of the labels, what temperatures will they be exposed to? Estimate the minimum and maximum temperatures.
  • What harsh environments will the labels be exposed to?
  • Does the label need to be outside for its lifespan?

Barcoded Labels

  • What type of symbols are being used?
  • What is the number of characters per inch?
  • What is the height of the barcode?
  • Identify and specify the check digit if one needs to be included.

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Where do I start? Download or request a free copy of our in-depth Label Resource Guide.