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Need to brand your own flyer?

As a wholesale supplier, we understand that our customers prefer to market our products with their own brand. To do so is simple:


Envelope Styles

With thousands of different styles of envelopes on the market, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to look at them all at once. That's where styles come in—by helping you to narrow down the exact type of envelope to fit your needs. Common styles include:

Commercials (Regulars)


Commercials are the most common style of business envelopes. They're typically used for most correspondence and billing, with the most popular being the #10 regular. The sizes of commercials range from a #5 (smallest) to a #14 (largest). Commercials are open side envelopes, with or without windows. See our available commercials.

A-Series / Announcements / Baronials


Announcement envelopes typically have either deep pointed flaps and diagonal seams or deep square flaps with two side seams. They are used with baronial cards, informal mailings, and social and commercial announcements. This style envelope is enhanced by the use of many kinds of paper stocks. Announcements range from sized A-2 to A-10. See our available announcements and baronials.

Catalogs and Booklets


Catalog and booklet envelopes are available in two distinct styles - Open End Catalogs open on the short dimension, and Open Side Booklets open on the long dimension. Catalogs and booklets typically have heavily gummed flaps or utilize Pres-stik or Kwik-tak seals to protect their contents. These envelopes are typically used for catalogs, books, manuals, or documents. See our available catalog and booklet envelopes.

Collections/Dual Purpose/Church Offering


These white wove and pastel colored sulphite envelopes are manufactured with two side seams under construction and a traditional remoistening seal. Used for ordering, remittance and charitable applications. See our available collections, dual purpose, and church offering envelopes.

Coin/Packing Lists/Small Specialty Envelopes


A variety of small envelopes, each with a unique purpose. See our available small specialty products.

Letterhead/Card Stock


Complementing its wide variety of envelope lines, Western States offers a vast array of letterhead and card stock to provide a consistent image. See our available letterhead and card stock products.



Specialty envelopes are all the styles that fall in between the ones listed above. They are often designed to mail or hold something outside of your average documents. Ranging from CD Mailers to collections to bubble mailers, there is a style of envelope for just about any need. See our office and professional products.