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Need to brand your own flyer?

As a wholesale supplier, we understand that our customers prefer to market our products with their own brand. To do so is simple:


Label Shapes and Sizes

Custom Labels

If you're looking for something completely custom, we'll work with you to design a product that fits your exact needs. Whether we create a custom die, or have your labels cut on our laser die cutting system, we have the technology to create almost any shape or style you can imagine.

Standard Label Shapes

Looking for a cost-effective label? We carry more than 1,500 standard label dies in stock, offering you a wide range of products at a reasonable price. Our standard dies range from regular squares and circles to completely unique shapes. See our various options below:


Die Cut Squares and Rectangles


Squares and rectangles are our most popular style of label, due to their wide range of uses and applications. They can be used for things such as:


• Product labels


• Information labels


• Instructions


• And more


Die Cut Circles and Bursts


Circles and bursts can be used for a variety of applications. They are often used for:


• Pricing applications


• Special prices


• Drawing attention to a product


• And more


Die Cut Ovals


Oval labels can be used for a variety of applications. They are often used for:


• Product labels


• Reminders


• Special messages


• And more


Die Cut Special Shapes


Our special shape die cut labels include a large variety of unique shapes and designs. Some of our most popular shapes are:


• Badges


• Hearts


• Triangles


• Anniversary Shapes


View our templates.



Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers are made of a 4 mil (0.004") thick white vinyl and laminated for the best weather resistance and longevity. These labels are not only durable, but easily removed and will not damage the vehicle’s surface. Use them to:


• Promote your business


• Support a cause


• Advertise your services


• And more


Pin Feed Labels


Pinfeed labels are perforated, fan-folded, and available in the most popular sizes. Litho stock is suggested for this use.


Laser Die Cutting


Our laser die cutting sytem offers you the capability of creating labels in virtually any shape you can imagine. Laser die-cutting technology means no dies or hard tooling is necessary. This system can reproduce custom shapes and unique die-cuts easily, quickly and accurately without purchasing a costly die. By using the laser to cut in segments, the length is virtually unlimited. Order labels in the shape of your corporate logo instead of a plain rectangle die-cut. Be creative and have fun using this laser technology to design a shape that stands out and gets noticed! Perfect for:


• Corporate logos


• Unique product labels


• Childrens stickers


• And more


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