Customer Management

Customer Management

Getting it right the first time. That’s how Western States helps you manage your customers effectively. Our sales and service professionals are brimming with ideas and expertise to help you expand your business offerings.


We partner with you from the get-go, ask all the right questions, and engineer an envelope or label product that works correctly the first time. Think of us as a time and money-saving consultant who helps you create the exact envelope or label for your customers.


In addition to finding the ideal products, we can help you manage customer inventories through these offerings:

  • Four51 is a method for tracking your customers activity as they place orders directly through a website constructed for you.
  • Online ordering is a convenient, 24/7 way for you to order and track stock products. We keep at least 1,500 different stock products readily available so they arrive when and where you need them–great service for your customers!
  • Hold for release saves you space and time; we’ll stock your customer’s products and always have them ready for immediate shipping from the most convenient and cost effective location.


For more about our customer management programs, contact the Western States location nearest you.