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Need to brand your own flyer?

As a wholesale supplier, we understand that our customers prefer to market our products with their own brand. To do so is simple:


Envelope Converting Tips

If you prefer to supply us with the appropriate paper, we will be happy to convert it into the envelope of your choice. Paper sent to us for conversion may be either plain or printed, whichever best suits your needs. For the finest quality and most economical results, it is important that any converting work be discussed in detail with us, prior to ordering paper. Variables, such as sheet size, grain direction, type of paper, printing layout, bleeds, and varnish, can all work to your benefit when the job is properly designed.


Also see our tips on how to measure a block size.


A variety of styles are available to ship in under five days after we receive your flat sheets with our 5‑Day‑Envelopes‑Your‑Way Guarantee. You can learn more and see what types of envelopes are included, here.




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Call Ahead
To ensure your order gets the care it deserves, call us to discuss your envelope as early as possible in your process.


FREE Layouts
We will need to furnish you with a specialized converting layout to ensure your job can be efficiently converted. Specialized layouts take account for bleeds, number of envelopes on a sheet, paper weight, quantity, etc... Specialized layouts are free of charge when used for a converting order.


Check Registration Marks
We understand that color bars and register marks are important to your pressroom. To ensure that they do not interfere with the converting of your envelopes, keep all registration marks and color bars at least 1/4” from all envelope die cuts.


Ink vs. Adhesives
To ensure that your finished envelopes stay glued shut, we will need to make sure the inks and coatings are pulled away from the areas that need to be glued. Be sure to ask for a specialized envelope layout to guarantee solid adhesive bonds.


Jog Your Sheets
Please thoroughly jog your shipment of paper before sending it to WSEC. If sheets arrive at our facility and need to be jogged, there will be a loss of production time, and an additional charge for this service.


Current Lead-Times
Your order is important to us. So important, that we would like to get it started in our workflow as soon as possible. Contact your Customer Service Representative as early as possible to get your job started.


Allow for Manufacturing Variances
Please take our manufacturing tolerances into account when designing your envelope. Remember that we cannot hold artwork directly on the scores and will need at least 1/8” bleed on all artwork that holds directly on the scores. For artwork that requires extremely tight registration, a pre-printed sheet may not be the best option. Call your Customer Service Representative to discuss alternatives.


Setup & Spoilage Requirements
The amount of additional stock required for setup and spoilage will vary depending on the nature of your converting order and the type of stock you need converted. See the sheet calculator below for a general guideline. Call your Customer Service Representative to discuss specifics.


Sheet Calculator
First, find the quantity of envelopes and paper type needed in the table below. Then, follow this example: If you need 5000 envelopes on uncoated paper then, the formula would be (5000 +1000) + 20% = 7200. Then, divide that number by the number of envelopes you’re getting out of the sheet. If the envelopes are set up 4 per sheet, then 7200 / 4 = 1800 sheets are needed.

Envelope Qty.

Uncoated Offset Paper


C2S / Translucent

1M-9M (Qty. + 1M) + 20% (Qty. + 1M) + 25% (Qty. + 2M) + 30%
10M-24M (Qty. + 1M) + 15% (Qty. + 1M) + 20% (Qty. + 2M) + 20%
25M-49M (Qty. + 1M) + 12% (Qty. + 1M) + 15% (Qty. + 2M) + 25%
50M-99M (Qty. + 1M) + 10% (Qty. + 1M) + 12% (Qty. + 1M) + 20%
100M & Up Qty. + 10% Qty. + 12% Qty. + 20%