Whether you know exactly which type of label you want, or you're just starting to get some ideas together, our Label Prepress area can help get you started down the right path.

Measuring Labels

A typical label is measured by it's length, width, and corner radius. When manufactured on rolls, labels are also classified by the gap between each label, finished web width, core size, and max. outside diameter. See a helpful diagram here.

Artwork Guidelines

In order to ensure you the best quality print reproduction, we've assembled a list of guidelines to make sure your file doesn't encounter any issues. Important things to consider are the bleed, distance from edge, line widths, and point sizes. View our entire list here.

Templates & Label Dies

Whether you're looking to print some laser labels from your printer, or looking for us to print one of our common label dies, we offer a variety of templates and label dies to get you started.

Standard Colors

When creating a label, it's often cost-efficient to utilize our standard PMS colors. These PMS colors can be printed on your label for no additional charge. The colors include Black, PMS 185, Process Blue, PMS 348, Reflex Blue, Pms 021, PMS 7512, Pantone Yellow, and Opaque White. See previews of each color here.